artist statement:

The photographic series globanomics explores the importance of managing global resources. Through a synthesis of three photographic images into a single triptych, the tenacious cycles of decay and renewal are revealed.

Questions thus arise over consumption vs. sustainability. Outsourcing and downsizing displace people, jobs, factories, wildlife and nature preserves. Often, the impact of marginal gains results in sizeable losses of all things that have the misfortune of being in its wake. Yet, what is most intriguing is the impact of nature on human progress.

Our modern world often confronts its exploitation of the natural world, but these images also explore the inverse----nature’s impact on human progress. With the erosion of time and natural elements, the things we build up by exploiting the natural world are in turn torn down.

So while human endeavor plunders global resources, time and the erosion of natural elements ultimately have the final word on human progress.

And it is here amid the dissolution, we find a beauty, resilience and the hope that human endeavor can at last learn from the forces that bind us together.

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